Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. Supportive Services for Veteran Families

Address:2123 B West 8th Street, Erie, PA 16505
Email: N/A
Phone: (814) 870-9055

Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. Supportive Services for Veteran Families provide assistance with rent, utilities, moving costs, and security/utility deposits for Veterans facing a housing crisis - who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.

To be eligible:

  • Veteran must be in the household
  • Veteran must be in a housing crisis-imminently losing nighttime residence or already literally homeless
  • Veteran must meet Erie County HUD low income requirements (50% of area median income)

Supportive Services are provided only after tapping all other existing resources, i.e. family members, Community Action Agencies, faith based organizations, etc. At this time Chautauqua Opportunities has put a cap on financial assistance of $1500.00 per Veteran. A waiver can be requested for extenuating circumstances, if necessary.

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